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So far, so great!

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November 5th, 2002

Let me start off by giving my Crohn's history. I have had one surgery--five years ago--.... My specialist had me on a combination of [meds], which did nothing. He also told me flat out that diet has NOTHING to do with Crohns. Well, he was WRONG! I am in the sixth month of this diet, and am doing great. Within a day of starting of the diet, my fistula shrank, and other than a few bumps in the road--mostly due to me foolishly going off my meds, as well as one big cheat one night with a few pieces of cake--my fistula pain has disappeared, and the fistula has shrunk to the point of almost being non-existent. The last two months have been problem-free. While it took me a while to get used to the diet and get rid of my sugar/carbo cravings, i now am totally used to it. It is great getting all that processed junk out of your system, and my eating habits are now very "19th Century." I know the diet doesn't work for all--which it clearly states in the book--but I urge all with Crohn's to at least give it a try. If it works for you, you won't be able to imagine how good you will feel!

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For those of us who are relieved to have access to information which empowers us to take care of ourselves, this book is a godsend. With it I have been able to completely regain my health without the use of medications. It is a tragedy that this information is not available to everyone with digestive disorders, so that we all can make informed personal choices about how we wish to approach our treatment. People with the determination to regain their health will almost certainly benefit from learning about this diet.
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- Nancy Emerson
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