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What A Blessing!

Reviewed by Happy Mama
January 23rd, 2012

Breaking the Vicious Cycle book and web site that goes with it has been a true blessing for my toddler son. My son was diagnosed with IBD in August 2011 when he was 19 months old. He spent almost a year with bloody, mucousy diapers and long crying nights before a colonoscopy & endoscopy were performed. The pictures were unbelievable to say the least with all the ulcers and inflammation. I will never forget getting the news at Childrens Hospital that my son would not be going home that afternoon instead he would be admitted right away for treatment. My husband and I both cried for many days because we didn't know what all this meant for our little boys future. Thankfully my son's 5 days of treatment consisted of only an antibiotic, anti inflammatory pills and Elecare formula. I have read of many other drugs that I am very thankful he didn't have to endure. He was released from the hospital and told to take 2 anit inflammatory pills a day along with at least 28 ounces of elecare formula. Long story short....the pills didn't work and I tried very hard to adjust the diet to what I thought was making him more comfortable. Needless to say I was feeding him EVERYTHING wrong according to the book.
I researched online every evening while my kids were sleeping on how to help my son. I never liked the drug idea and have always felt food had an impact.....I just didn't realize how much until I stumbled upon Breaking the Vicious Cycle. I truly cried when I found the SCD site and the book. I knew right away that it could be the answers to our prayers and reading all the reviews really gave me hope! I bought the book that evening and started the diet the day after......I slowly started the diet because he was eating mainly sugars and complex carbs. 1 month later my son is doing WONDERFUL! He no longer complains of his belly hurting, his bowel movements are 1-3 a day down from 4-7, his bowel movements are now formed instead of mucousy, bloody diarrhea, no more anti inflammatory medication and he has become a happy playful ball of energy! Amazing what food does to a body! Now for the cooking portion....I am not a cook by any means nor do I enjoy making extravagant dinners so the menu is a little overwhelming at a glance, but once you get started it's very easy. Most meals are so simple they don't take long to prepare or cook. You will need to take some time to buy the basic ingredients before starting. Most of us don't keep almond flour on hand! I love my son and I would do anything for him and this food plan is well worth every ounce of energy! I NEVER write reviews, but I felt compelled to share my story especially since very few babies are diagnosed with IBD. I guess in some way I'm trying to pay it forward!

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For those of us who are relieved to have access to information which empowers us to take care of ourselves, this book is a godsend. With it I have been able to completely regain my health without the use of medications. It is a tragedy that this information is not available to everyone with digestive disorders, so that we all can make informed personal choices about how we wish to approach our treatment. People with the determination to regain their health will almost certainly benefit from learning about this diet.
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- Nancy Emerson
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