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Coping with Celiac?

Reviewed by Nat Pawlenko
January 2nd, 2001

After having been on antibiotics for over six years, I found that my health began to slowly deteriorate. Incomprehensible symtoms, like bloating, intestinal pain, were among the milder ones. Most food began to make me nauseated, and I started to do research. A few years on a "celiac diet" where I mostly ate rice, didn't help. In fact, things got worse.

More research led me to Elaine Gottschall's book. In this well-researched and straightforward book, Elaine has provided an extraordinary approach to healing many types of IBD. Those with Crohns, celiac, IBS, candida will find that the diet, which eliminates specific carbohydrates, leads to improvement within weeks - for some, within days.

It is filled with clear explanations, pictures and wonderful recipes. A little sceptical, I first took it out of the library, not sure if this was the approach which addresses root causes of celiac disease.

Within one week on the diet, some of my milder symptoms disappeared. Within two weeks, I had regained mental clarity and energy. Within a month I felt almost as good as I did before my downward spiral and returned to "nearly normal" intestinal health.

After renewing the book three times, I realized that this was the right approach for me. I bought the book, and it is my major reference source for foods to eat or avoid, a fabulous almond-flour bread (and those of you who have to avoid wheat, etc know how important a GOOD slice of bread is!!), and much more.

I strongly recommend this book and its suggested approach to good health. If nothing else, you will have improved your diet over 99.9% of all other North Americans!!

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I believe, from my own experience, that this book saves lives. I am very grateful that I found this book.
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- Tomicus
Amazon customer

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