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This book is a fantastic help for many conditions!

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December 27th, 2002

The Specific Carbohydrate diet is a great diet for people whose stomachs have carbohydrate malabsorption.Carbohydrate malabsorption is the cause of many gastrointestinal symptoms.By avoiding the hard to digest carbs, people on this diet are able to heal their digestive systems.

The exciting news is that other disorders are also caused by carbohydrate malabsorption..
Many types of autism,for example, are also caused by carbohydrate malabsorption

Dr. Karoly Horvath and his colleagues at the
Department of Pediatrics at the University of Maryland
conducted a clinical trial of thirty-six autistic
children with evaluation of intestinal enzymes
(lactase, maltase, sucrase, gluco-amylase, etc.). They
found that 58% of the children had low
disaccharidase/gluco-amylase enzyme levels. The
researchers suggested that carbohydrate malabsorption
may be the cause of many gastrointestinal symptoms
seen in autistic children including abdominal pain,
gas, bloating, and chronic diarrhea or loose stools.

Working at Harvard/MassGeneral Hospital, Dr. Timothy
Buie a Pediatric Gastroenterologist has also
undertaken an evaluation of the digestive enzyme
function in several hundred children diagnosed with
autism. Dr. Buie found that the autistic children he
examined also showed disaccharide enzyme levels below
normal. Some 55% of these children had lactase
deficiencies (which breaks down lactose in milk) as
well as deficiencies of the enzyme sucrase
(responsible for digestion of table sugar).

The work of these two respected physicians and their
colleagues provides an important picture as to why SCD is the answer to children with autism.

Right now,there are 2 internet lists of parents who are healing their autistic children with SCD.The name of the the lists are ElainesChildren and SCDietkids,and they belong to yahoo groups.

In the future more and more conditions will be helped with this wonderful diet.

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I believe, from my own experience, that this book saves lives. I am very grateful that I found this book.
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- Tomicus
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