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Great Book!

Reviewed by R. Gady
March 15th, 2010

This is a groundbreaking work in the field of health and nutrition. It is actually based on a diet created by Dr. Haas over 50 years ago, but Gottschall has done plenty of research on the topic and brings her own ideas to the discussion. If you have read any of the reviews for this book, you will see that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet clearly works for the conditions it was created to treat. It also goes along with newer research that is coming about in human health pertaining to carbohydrates, not fats, being the root of several modern maladies.

The only reason I didn't give the book five stars is that it is an incomplete source of information. If all you are looking for is instructions on the SCD and how to use it for a specific condition this book will work just fine. I, however, am interested more in comprehensive health. The book talks a lot about the pathogenic bacteria in the GI tract, but fails to mention anything about beneficial bacteria, which I think is a huge part of that discussion. It also doesn't distiguish between different qualities and methods of production of certain foods. For example, raw milk vs. pasteurized milk, grass-fed vs. grain-fed, raw vs. cooked, raw/cooked vs. fermented, raw vs. sprouted/soaked and so on. It could be argued that this was not the point of the book, but with such a rare topic to be written about I would have liked a little more context and background information that is hard to find elsewhere. I better book on the topic, in my opinion is Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-Mcbride. It also implements the SCD, but includes much of the information I felt was left out in this book. Either book will get you on the right track, but if you are like me and want the whole picture go with GAPS.

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For those of us who are relieved to have access to information which empowers us to take care of ourselves, this book is a godsend. With it I have been able to completely regain my health without the use of medications. It is a tragedy that this information is not available to everyone with digestive disorders, so that we all can make informed personal choices about how we wish to approach our treatment. People with the determination to regain their health will almost certainly benefit from learning about this diet.
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- Nancy Emerson
Amazon customer

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