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Saved My Life

Reviewed by J. Burnette Critser "Equal Opportunity Reader"
March 19th, 2009

Like many others here, this book literally saved my life in 2007. I had been diagnosed with my initial flare-up of Ulcerative Colitis, and I was so ill that I had lost 30 lbs. in about a month and a half - down to 94 lbs, which even on my small 5'1" frame is WAY too skinny. It was around Halloween, and I halfheartedly joked with my husband and son that they should hang me on the front porch as the skeleton.

I bought this book when I was at the end of my rope. I was in such severe pain, and my gastro doc was threatening to put me on Remicade treatments (very scary, especially for someone with an extensive family history of cancer and leukemia) if I didn't gain weight. I was on opiate painkillers, nausea meds, steroids, immune suppressants, and an anti-inflammatory (Colazal). I just didn't seem to be improving. Enter "BTVC."

Yes, the diet is restrictive. But if you are very ill and desperate for help, as I was, you'll do anything short of selling your soul to heal your body. Within 1 month of sticking to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the diarrhea (which I'd had for 3 straight months) and the worst of the intestinal cramping were gone. Within 2 months, I was back up to a normal weight of 110 lbs and I was feeling great. I began to exercise again! I was able to go back to college by January.

Now, almost 2 years later, I still have breakthrough symptoms from time to time when I try to eat wheat products; however I just start making my yogurt and eating wheat-free and I'm fine again. (But come on, to live wheat free for my whole life? French bread with butter and radishes tastes way too good for that. A treat every now and then is worth the price paid.)

I highly recommend this book if you are ill with UC, Crohn's, any other IBD, IBS, or Celiac Disease. I've also read testimonials by moms with autistic children who claim it really helped their kids. I can't speak to anyone else's experience, but as I said - this book literally saved my life.

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I believe, from my own experience, that this book saves lives. I am very grateful that I found this book.
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- Tomicus
Amazon customer

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