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Almond Flour Equivalence

Question: How many cups are there in a half pound of almond flour?

Marcia answers:
Over here in Europe they use weights instead of volume measures, so instead of measuring cups, everybody has a little scale in their kitchen. I have the scale AND the I've gone and done a little experiment for you.

The short answer:
1/2 lb almond flours is a little more than 1 3/4 cups. You probably will not go wrong with 2 scant cups.

The long answer for the mathematically inclined:
1 cup weighed 127 grams (measure cup itself not included in that weight)
1/2 lb = 225 grams (because there are 2.2lbs to the kilo, so multiply pounds by .45 to get kilos. .5 x .45 =.225)
225 divided by 127 = 1.77, which is very close to 1.75, which is the same as 1 & 3/4

Voila, happy cake-baking!

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