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Bitter Gourd

Suneeti writes:
I remember some months ago there was discussion on asafoetida in its spice
form as well as the leaves (the latter apparently were fed to horses),
custard apple (cherimoya), bitter-gourd and a few other items. The 'spate
of emails' I am referring to is when the participants were trying to
figure out which of these were ok and which weren't. I remember asking
Elaine that if one removed the seeds from the bitter gourd would it then
be ok to consume and she had said no. In the U.S., this particular veg. is
available in the Indian grocery stores and has not yet found its way into
the remaining grocery stores and therefore is an unknown to a lot of folks
- that in itself can make it difficult to analyze, I presume.

From the LI listserve

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