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Breaking the Vicious Cycle

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Breaking the Vicious Cycle - Hebrew Edition

A support network has been formed under the name Ezra Umazor(translated "help and healing"). It is run by Mr.Avi Cohn, tel. 011 972 3 570 3123. Help is offered in the form of medical referral, Councelling for beginners,  food preparation, and meetings. A list of fellow dieters is available. SCD™compatible foods are available in Jerusalem at 61 Tzfania number 011 972 2532 3940 Leave name & no. and they arrange delivery country wide.
Rabbi Rosenbaum 

Rabbi Rosenbaum, in Israel. According to Roz White, "Rabbi Rosenbaum has
translated the SCD book to Hebrew, and there are two stores sell DCCC and
homemade SCD yoghurt in Israel. From what I know, he doesn't have an email
address or web site. He sells a Hebrew translation of the SCD book with
the recipes adapted for Kosher cooking. He has a monthly newsletter in
Hebrew and he said he has something for beginners to ease them into the
diet. Phone #: 02-532-8817 Address: POB 41061 Jerusalem, Israel The store
in Bnai Brak (near Tel Aviv) is called Hoss (Heh, vav, samech is the
Hebrew spelling of the store's name) and it is on the corner of the
streets-Hazon Ish and Rabbi Akiva. The strore in Jerusalem is called the
Teva Market and it is in Shabbat Square."

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The book should be required reading for anyone with Crohn's disease and we wish gastroenterologists would read it as well. The diet is a real alternative to the drug based therapy from the medical community.
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- Bruce Senn
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