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Grain and Our Evolutionary Heritage

Karen writes:
We are all different in certain ways, but genetically we are basically the same as humans were 100,000 years ago. Those hunter-gatherer diets differed according to climate and availability of foods in the particular
area, but there's a common demoninator-- we're all omnivores, and do best on a diet that includes animal foods and vegetables. Agricultural foods like grains were only introduced in the last 10,000 years, and genetically we have not had time to adapt to them, much less to the modern "fake" foods that haven't existed before the last 50 or 100 years.

So although biblical times seem ancient to us, it's still within the same agricultural period in which people have been eating grains and having diseases that native hunter-gatherers didn't have. Some good reading on this subject would be Loren Cordain's book: The Paleo Diet. Also, there's a great article by Dr. Stephen Byrnes called The Myths of Vegetarianism.

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