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Elaine writes:
Maltodextrin is interesting and is one of the molecules I am really interested in. It is a byproduct of corn hydrolysis (breaking down of corn starch) and it contains the isomaltose unit about which I write in my book. I am dead set against adding a maltodextrin molecule containing isomaltose-linked- glucose units. Maltodextrin is sugar.

To another listmember, Elaine writes:
Maltodextrin is not legal - it is the worst of the small molecules of sugars. It is a very short chain of glucose molecules (derived from starch) which has a link of two glucose units bonded by what is called a 1-6 alpha bond. The chances of digestion are practically nil. It therefore will feed bacteria and because of its particular structure, I feel it is worse than even lactose. If you look at the amylopectin molecule in my book (pgs 29 and 30), every place you see a branch formation, it is because of the 1-6 bond of glucose molecules.

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Through the (SCD) Specific Carbohydrate Diet, explained in this book, our son was able to get off medication and thrive. He healed himself and was able to go away to college. Last month he had a relapse, had surgery and by going back on the diet he was able to put himself in remission. The doctors are amazed with his latest tests and told him he did not need medication, but he must stick to the diet. I have bought over a dozen of these books and shared them with doctors, family members, and friends. I strongly recommend this book for any IBD/IBS issues.
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