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Elaine writes:
I have ALWAYS FELT that with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the two are related. Firstly, the pancreas of human beings has two main types of cells:
(1) Acinar cells which produce digestive enzymes (lipase, amylase, and trypsin) and
(2) Islet (beta) cells (Islet of Langerhans) which produce insulin.
One way of looking at this amazing organ, the pancreas, is that altho doctors are trained not to connect dots, I feel that overutilizing one type of cell can affect the other type of cell (you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone so by requiring, for example, that babies digest starch (which they cannot before one year of age and are given pablum you are wearing out the acinar cells which may act as a deterrant to the proper functioning of the islet cells). That is just a speculation.
Mainstream medicine, of course, believes the islet cells are killed by a virus but SCD™is showing day by day that SCD™can clear some viruses as well as bacteria. The glycemic index and the information you have about complex carbs (starch) is all wrong in my way of thinking. The research was not done properly and no one investigated the fact that altho these complex carbs were not raising blood sugar erratically, that they were NOT BEING DIGESTED AND ABSORBED AT ALL. I wrote to the orginal researchers doing work on the glycemic index and they told me that they WERE NOT TESTING FOR COMPLETE DIGESTIBILITY and whether or not these carbs were growing intestinal bacteria.

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I was introduced to this diet 7 years ago. Began the diet with my physicians knowledge and was able to go prescription drug free within a year. The diet really works and the book not only gives the how to and recipes, it gives the scientific information to back up the evidence. I highly recommend this book/guide to all that suffer from intestinal disorders.
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- C. Cash
Amazon customer

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