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Prometheus Test

Elaine writes:
Yes, we have files on the Prometheus Test and the true positives and true negatives are very small. In other words, it doesn't do much better than doctors or even us on the list in categorizing which one of the little"devils" we have: UC or Crohn's.

But if you like to have tests done, be my guest. It is the old adage which I often quote: "There are macro thinkers and micro thinkers" If you are a macro thinker you will realize that there is one big problem and that is bowel disease with pain, bleeding, diarrhea, debilitation, no growth, etc. etc. If you want to break them down into two categories; UC and colitis, fine! If you want to break UC into 10 categories, fine! In the meantime, until SCD, all that could be done was drugs, surgery, and some possible
relief (????) from alternative medicine with their Ultraclear, etc. Good luck to your Prometheus list!!!

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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This single book has been more informative than any doctor I've spoken with. The opening chapters outline underlying causes for these various illnesses and go into great detail. This gave me the tools to better approach my doctors and explain what was going on to family members.
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