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Soil-based Organisms

Soil-based organism are not SCD compliant as their effects have not been
well researched or documented.

Colleen writes:
I honestly don't know where they get the actual bugs - I just know there are too many strains in these SBO mixtures and Elaine is not comfortable with them. We just have no idea what they do, and a significant number of folks on this list have reported negative reactions to these probiotics.

Non-dairy base, however, does refer to the base the bugs are grown on, not the bugs themselves. It usually means something illegal, like rice powder or garbanzo bean. Seems like a contradiction, but on SCD you actually *want* a dairy base - any lactose will be consumed by the bugs, just like with the 24-hour yoghurt.

Seth writes:
How often do you eat dirt?

t answers:
Not often... ;-)

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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