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Suneeti writes:
Some of you may recall that I had to travel about 2 months ago and was extremely worried about help with my luggage at the airport (am not allowed to lift weights - doctors' orders, due to surgery and having been on prednisone). The only weights I lift are my grocery bags! This was for an international flight. Well, I got some very helpful advice from a lot of you, in response. So I thought I'd post my experience which may help others in a similar situation.

I requested a wheel chair to be provided at each destination, from the airlines. One of the airlines simply did not provide the wheel chair till after you checked in - but I needed help pretty much all the way from getting into the ticketing line into the plane.
So I made sure I was there 5 hours ahead of the actual departure time (!) 'cause that's when the desk personnel became available - believe me I would have been there earlier if needed. I was the very first person in line which actually was a blessing. The porter very kindly, on request, lifted my luggage onto the weighing scales and left it there (while I never took my eyes off of them for even a second) till the airline
personnel showed up. Normally if you are in line it all depends on floor space whether you can have your luggage moved up next to the desks. Also the porters tend to go on with their work and are not supposed to hang around till its your turn :-).
Since I had asked for the wheel chair, after my check in I just had to wait a while till they brought it and then was wheeled through security etc where I did need to get off briefly - they do ask if you can stand. Since they had figured by now that I had some medical issues they helped to put the carry on luggage onto the security belts. As a rule I always
traveled light as far as carry-ons, but since SCD, I carry my food and it sure can weigh quite a bit specially for international flights! Once at the security they asked to look inside the bag - I had my trusted Nissan flasks full of yoghurt, soup etc. I did have to open them and show the food inside. Again just before boarding the flight I was asked to open the bag, and they opened each and everyone of the flasks, wrinkled their noses at the yoghurt etc, actually asked "more food?!", when they went beyond 2
flasks - I think I was under suspicion, for I outwardly did not look like I needed a wheel chair!

Anyhow, I had to mention the needed wheelchair just before disembarking for a connecting flight - I got raised eyebrows, a frosty look and "YOU need a wheelchair?". (Smirks exchanged between the pilot and stewardess). And my firm reply with a steely look right back - "Yes, it was requested with my reservations". Now, at this airport, when the personnel came with the necessary transportation (there was an elderly lady who needed the same help), they refused to lift my carry-on onto the cart! "That is not
our job". I had to reply that I was unable to lift the bag, and they in turn said "that is not why you order a wheelchair" or words to that effect. I said "Sorry but I simply cannot lift it, I have a medical problem". So finally they helped. When they remarked again (when they had to remove the bag) about this issue I firmly mentioned that the reason for
the wheel chair was that I have a medical problem and they were more than
welcome to take a look at the letter I carried from my doctor. Well, that's when they let it go!

Other than these glitches it was fine.
It does make me mad that in their narrow little worlds, unless there is an arm or leg broken the person must be hale and hearty. But on the flip side, I guess I should feel happy that they thought me to be healthy and fit - Yay, SCD!

Mords writes:
Here's my "bathroom trip tip"...I'm not sure about you but I hate going in the stalls in public restrooms...but unfortunately due to some circumstances I have to use the restrooms more than I do. Well, I think if found the solution at the airport...I don't know if they have them everywhere but perhaps I never noticed cause in a million years I would have never thought of using a public bathroom or because I never
traveled with my baby before...cause she wasn't born yet..but at JFK United they have family bathrooms...they are big room with a place to put the baby on and a sink and toilet.. did I mention there big...and you lock the SOLID NOISE PROOF DOOR..... and that's it... no one rushes you.. hears
you.....AHHHHH peace and quite...........

Originally from the Long Island listserve.

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