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The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™, as outlined in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

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Date sugar Illegal May be tried after being on the diet for quite sometime and symptom free but it is not recommended.
Dates Medjool and California dates are allowed. They must be loose and not have anything added.
Decaffeinated Products Illegal Decaffeinated products are not legal since the manufacturing process may introduce questionable ingredients or reactions..
Dextrose (contained in commercial products) Illegal The problem with the dextrose and fructose which is being sold as a granulated form as well as the dextrose contained in commercial products is that it is not pure dextrose which should be the same as the single sugar glucose found in fruits and honey.
Dried milk solids Illegal
Drumsticks Illegal No okra (bhindi) or drumsticks. Since they are a mucilaginous food, they are illegal.
Dry Curd Cottage Cheese (DCCC) DCCC sources
Durum Flour Illegal Its a type wheat grain flour
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I was shocked at the amount of glowing reviews the Specific Carbohydrate Diet had received but was still in disbelief that this could actually work. I am four weeks in and have gone from symptoms that were quite debilitating to now being at the point where I at times forget I have a chronic disease. Those with Crohn's know how great a feeling that is or would be for those that haven't experienced it.
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- Matt W
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