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SCD in Autism Network for Dietary Intervention News

September 10th, 2003

SCD™ feature in the ANDI news (Autism Network for Dietary Intervention)

The ANDI News is a quarterly newsletter that uses a gluten & casein free diet to treat autism. In their latest issue they have for the first time discussed the SCD™. One of the editors Karyn Seroussi has decided to try the SCD™ after reading Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Karyn is convinced that this is something her son Gunnar must try and she and her son started the diet on 1st September. Karyn will be keeping a diary of their progress and reporting in the next issue of the ANDI news.

Marjan Hammink, from the Netherlands, also features in the article and writes of her son Nick:

"There are no more better or worse days since starting the diet. His mood is fine all the time. He gains weight. Speech is still improving. He wants to say more than he can; words come out in a waterfall. We need to slow him down a bit. He makes small jokes. Vocabulary has expanded hugely. Toilet habits have drastically improved during holidays. No more pooping in bed or on the floor: it's all in the toilet. (Imagine poop in the tent or in the sleeping bag. Phew.) The ABA we do needs to be updated big time, he has grown so much mentally. No more spelling out the sentences: I can talk to him like I talk to my youngest son."

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It sounds crazy but if you are a chronic sufferer of colitis, you will understand why I was so thrilled. I continued to follow the specific carbohydrate diet that Elaine has described in "Breaking the vicious cycle." Gradually all of my symptoms resolved over one year. For the last two years, I am completely symptom-free, back to my normal weight and pursue all of my activities including a busy medical practice.
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- Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi M.D.
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