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The Autism Connection - BTVC Chapter

November 27th, 2003

The chapter called "The Autsim Connection" is now on the way to the printer to be included in an extra printing of the book as a supplement. Actually, my intention was to have it in the reformatting edition of the book as an integral part of the book and not as a supplement. However, I ran out of inventory and had to have an emergency printing so I figured "why not include this chapter, I had completed it a few months ago." However, as of January,2004, the entire book will be published with the extra chapter, including references, a completely reformatted index where all the previous supplements will be incorporated in the index and a few new recipes like Deanna's waffles and pancakes. Whew! - Elaine

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This book has helped my tremendously. I have suffered with UC for the longest time and was constantly told by doctor's that my diet had nothing to do with it, and it is merely a hereditary problem that drives this autoimmune disease. After reading this book I did a great deal of additional research on "gut health" and am well on my way to being fully healed by way of diet.
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- Ryan
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