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2003   (8 items found)

Autism One Conference   |   December 20th, 2003

Elaine Gottschall will address the Autism One Conference in May, 2004 to be held in Chicago on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ ...

The Autism Connection - BTVC Chapter   |   November 27th, 2003

The chapter called "The Autsim Connection" is now on the way to the printer to be included in an extra printing ...

Food Fight   |   November 1st, 2003

Grafton’s Elaine Gottschall has dedicated her life to helping people overcome colitis and other digestive diseases with the right diet, writes ...

SCD in Autism Network for Dietary Intervention News   |   September 10th, 2003

SCD™ feature in the ANDI news (Autism Network for Dietary Intervention)

The ANDI News is ...

SCD Conference - Falmouth, MA   |   September 7th, 2003

SCD™ Conference on Friday, September 26, 2003, 9:30am - 400pm at the Sea Crest Hotel in Falmouth, MA.

Dan Conference in Oregon   |   September 3rd, 2003

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ has a display table at the upcoming Defeat Autism Now! Conference in Portland Oregon!
The DAN! Conference will be ...

Nutrient-Rich Almonds Lower Cholesterol More   |   June 11th, 2003

Incorporating Increasing amounts of Almonds into a Heart Healthy Diet Lowers Cholesterol Significantly;
Reduces Risk of Number One ...

Federal study finds toxins in baby food   |   June 6th, 2003

Federal study finds toxins in baby food. Experts differ on whether to alter youngsters' diets

Health ...

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It sounds crazy but if you are a chronic sufferer of colitis, you will understand why I was so thrilled. I continued to follow the specific carbohydrate diet that Elaine has described in "Breaking the vicious cycle." Gradually all of my symptoms resolved over one year. For the last two years, I am completely symptom-free, back to my normal weight and pursue all of my activities including a busy medical practice.
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- Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi M.D.
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