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BTVC-SCD on Yahoo  |

A group of SCD adherents who share thoughts, recipes, and personal experiences.

Danish SCD  |

SCD™ Danish style

Digestive Wellness (Wellbee's)  |

A great source for SCD legal foods, recipes, cookbooks and supplies!

German SCD / Spezielle Kohlehydratdiät  |

Diese Homepage befasst sich mit der speziellen Kohlenhydratdiät, die nach dem englischen Begriff Specific Carbohydrate Diet auch kurz als SCD bezeichnet wird. Die spezielle Kohlenhydratdiät (SCD) besteht hauptsächlich aus: Gemüse, Obst, Fleisch, Fisch, Eiern, Honig, Nüssen, Samen, bestimmten Käsesorten und selbstgemachtem Joghurt

Liberated Specialty Foods  |

Liberated® Specialty Foods provides convenient food options that service diets like Keto, Paleo, Kosher, SCD™, GAPS™, GMO Free, gluten and grain free, diabetic lactose free and more

No More Crohn's For Me  |

Erin's website tells the story of her journey to perfect health through the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

PecanBread  |

A site dedicated to treating autistic children with the SCD™, FAQ, childrens discussion, parents reports

PecanBread List on Yahoo  |

The group aim is to treat autistic children with the SCD™.

Régime en Glucides Spécifiques  |

De tous les composants alimentaires, les glucides, ou hydrates de carbones, sont ceux qui ont le plus d'influence sur les microbes intestinaux (bactéries et levures). Hélas, ce sont ces microbes qui sont responsables des troubles intestinaux.

SCD Facebook Group  |

The SCD Facebook Group. Over 2,100 members strong!

SCD in Argentina  |

SCD in Argentina, Spain and all Spanish countries (in spanish and english)

SCD in Brazil & Portugal (Facebook Group)  |

SCD in Brazil & Portugal on Facebook. For Portugese speaking SCD'ers.

SCD Netherlands  |

SCDiet staat voor Specific Carbohydrate Diet, oftewel het Specifieke Koolhydraten Dieet. Middels dit dieet kan de onbalans in de darmen hersteld worden. De werking van het dieet is even simpel als effectief: Het hongert de bacterieen uit, zodat deze geen schadelijke zuren en gassen meer kunnen produceren.

SCD New England  |

For those living in New England, USA

SCD OZ (Australia)  |

A group for Australians

SCD Recipe  |

An excellent selection of SCD™ recipies, must be hundreds, listed by category and downloadable as PDF.
The site also has information on Raman Prasad's non-fiction memoir book, "Colitis and Me", published in 2003, and his cookbooks "Adventures in the Family Kitchen" (2004) and "Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet" (2008).

SCD-DK (Denmark)  |

A Danish support group

SCD-UK (United Kingdom)  |

A site for UK SCD™'ers. Has links to UK suppliers of SCD™foods and equipment.  |

Gay Bauer's Web site with her story and a list of SCD™ friendly doctors.  |

A comprehensive site with FAQ, good recipe section, testimonies, etc.


The Upper Canada Lower Bowel Society (UCLBS) an SCD™ site for those in Toronto and Southern Ontario

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Breaking the Vicious Cycle is a must read for anyone with Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Celiac Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and Chronic Diarrhea. Even if you do not follow her plan, it is simply a book which is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
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