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A Miracle

December 7th, 2004

My 10 year old daughter suffered from massive weight loss, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, mouth ulcers. She was diagnosed with both celiac and crohn's disease 7 weeks ago. My heart broke as I read what was in store for her, ineffective meds, incapacitating symptoms, operations...while doing research, I stumbled across the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The success stories sounded too good to be true. I was afraid to get my hopes up. But I felt it was worth pursuing before putting her on the steroids and other drugs the doctor recommended. I ordered Elaine's book, stocked up on "legal foods" and watched in amazement as my daughter began to bloom again. For the first few days, she seemed to get worse. But on the fifth day, the stomach pain stopped. A week into the diet the diarrhea stopped. And her appetite began! She eats like an NFL linebacker. My formerly picky eater consumes more calories in a day than she used to eat in a week.

Thus far, three weeks into the diet, she has gained an astonishing 11 lbs. She's gone from not even being on the doctors chart for weight, to being in the 28th percentile. She says she "feels happy again." This happened with out the use of any medication. Believe me, I will keep her on this miraculous diet. It is more work for me, but worth every minute in the kitchen.

God Bless Elaine Gottschall for writing this wonderful book. If you are searching for help with bowel disease, you owe it to yourself to at least get the book and give the diet a try.

–By M.E. Goldcamp

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I was given Elaine Gottschall's book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." I stuck with the instructions and within only a few days, much to my amazement, the bleeding and diarrhea stopped! I've been on this diet for 5 months, following it faithfully and feeling wonderful. All symptoms have disappeared! I am a new person with energy as I never had before.
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