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Incredible Improvements by using SCD for his ASD son and family

May 4th, 2003

I just had to share some of the incredible improvements we have seen not only in our ASD son but in the rest of the family as well after just 10 days on the diet (after a 3-day Intro diet). Our son not only struggles with autism but also chronic d. and seizures as well.

Our son is 6 years old and we immediately noticed the dramatic reduction of hyperactivity and stimming behaviors. It was amazing. A yeast-like rash he has had for about 18 months has now almost disappeared. He is sleeping harder and much easier to manage (other than being cranky at times). We still have a ways to go on his digestive problems and some behaviors but the improvements are dramatic.

After the first week of the diet, I lost 8.5 pounds, my wife lost 5.5 pounds and our 8 year old daughter lost 2 lbs. Rashes that both my wife and daughter have had are also disappearing.

We are so very grateful for SCD, for this listserve and for all of you who make such a great effort to post answers to questions from new SCD'ers like us! Just a month ago, our son's Pediatric Gastro. doctor said they were not able to find the cause of our son's digestive problems and said there was nothing they could do to help him and sent us home "to
live with it", that it was just a part of his "autism". Boy, are we glad we didn't listen! THANKS!

–James (Pecanbread Listserve)

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