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SCD corrects vitamin levels in two months where vitamin supplements couldn't do in two years

February 27th, 2003

Dear Elaine- Here is your Thanksgiving present.

I just got off the phone with Jamie's endocrinologist who received the results of her bloodwork taken last Thursday- 2 months after starting SCD™.

Just to refresh your memory Jamie is 14 with Down Syndrome and Autism. For the past 2 years we have been battling what the doctors at U of Miami diagnosed as rickets for lack of a more precise term. Her Vitamin D levels were practically nonexistant, her calcium levels were dangerously low, and her Parathyroid hormone levels were so high they couldn't even find them on the chart- they were way up on the letterhead of the lab results. All this because we pushed to have more answers concerning a bone tumor she had begun to grow on her shoulder which the orthopedist dismissed. We learned that these levels, in addition to putting her at cardiac risk (she has had 2 open heart surgeries) were responsible for causing her terrible bone pain. We did as we were told and began Vit D supplementing....up to 800! iu per day, calcium supplementation - but I could only get 325 mg per day into her and they wanted 6 times that much, and finally zinc supplementation as her zinc levels were extremely low. Anyway we have been on a horribly slow upward movement with all the levels, sometimes dipping back to dangerously low again.

After 2 years of this the head Endo at Miami told us we would have to hospitalize Jamie for malabsorbtion where they could control her diet (HA!) and perform lots and lots of tests because her levels were just not coming up. We were devastated- this was back in the summer. We have spent sooooo much time in hospitals we just couldn't face even talking about it. Her last labs were done in August.  God smiled on us and allowed me to listen with an open mind when my  friend Nikki wrote about beginning the diet. I have not jumped on any new bandwagons for years, after almost 15 years of money down the drain and
disappointing results. But this I just had a feeling about....and after I  read your book I "knew".

It is now 2 months later exactly. Jamie's calcium levels for the first time in 2 years are in the normal range. Her zinc levels are in the normal range (and I'm not talking about low normal either) and the clincher is the PTH (parathyroid) level which has come down to within normal limits.  The Vitamin D level has not come in yet but because the PTH and Cal are so intimately tied up with the vitamin D I am sure they are fine.  It is imperative to realize that I have done NOTHING else with her besides the SCD™. I was told to raise the Vit D and calcium and I didn't. In fact I lowered the D due to her upset and rashes. The doctor probably thinks this is all due to a supplement increase but I and WE know it is due to her new ability to absorb them. And we still have some illegals in her meds, and she was chowing on some of the old what I thought were legal hot dogs too.  She had been on GF/CF/SF for at least 3 years...I'll have to look it up and has never eaten junk food....even GF junk food. No sugar, milk, moldy foods but she did have her rice everyday, and her sweet potatoes and yucca. Also canned organic foods and baby foods from jars. Just from going as legal as we possibly could get in two months look what has happened!!!
We will NOT be spending weeks in hospitals, doing tests, and being filled up with more junk foods and junk ideas.  You can bet I will be forwarding a copy of this to the DS lists and I will be letting her doctors know about the diet.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you and bless you Elaine; and I want to encourage all of you new folks to keep going. This is not even anecdotal! I have the labs to prove what happened. I can't imagine what some of you with very young children will be spared and what heights you will be reaching.

This is truly going to be a wondrous Thanksgiving and Christmas.

–Sherry in Florida, mom to Jamie

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