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A letter to Dr Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Institute

February 27th, 2005

Dear Dr. Rimland,

I want to share our experience with you in the hope that it will benefit others.
Our ASD son's behavior took a very frightening turn for the worse in the months leading up to his twelfth birthday.  Our initial throughts were that this regression must be puberty and hormone related.  While our son has always been anxious, I would never have characterized him as angry.  We began seeing him experience wide mood swings and horrible rages.  The rages were unpredictable and intense.  He took on an almost Jekyll and Hyde personality.  He would fly into a sudden rage if he got a math problem incorrect and over things as insignificant as it starting to rain or seeing his Dad read the newspaper. Following the rages, he would be extrememly remorseful begging our forgivenness.
We contacted several people for guidance.  To make a long story short, we found our way to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Our experience with the implementation of this diet has been nothing short of miraclulous.  Our son has been on the diet for almost six months and has not experienced any rages since beginning this diet.  We even saw a boost in language within the first week. He is currently off ALL supplements (we had built him up on quite a few to hopefully calm him) and is only taking the homemade goat yogurt as per the SCD protocol.
Several years ago we implemented the GF/CF diet and have tried many other popular biochemical interventions.  NOTHING compares to the dramatic results we's experienced with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

C.Steere,  WA

–C. Steere

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