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Tina recovers from CD, IBS, Fibromyalgia

March 15th, 2002

I just want to encourage all of you by sharing my "testimony" so to speak! I have been a part of this group for a couple of weeks, but felt it on my heart to help and encourage you with my past experiences. So, here goes...

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1994 at age 21. I was a wild child, so to speak, and did much damage to my body during high school and college, which did not help anything. I was very ill, and they put me on Prednisone and then Pentasa. I shutter to remember nights lying in my apartment, awaking violently to vomit or have crampy diarrhea, thinking all the while this was the last night of my life. I thought I was literally dying, which I believe I was.

I was so sick, yet slowly began to get better with the medication. The Crohn's went into remission of symptoms, yet I still had IBS, because I had both at the same time. Horrible! Anyway, in 1999 or so, the IBS got very bad, almost incapacitating, sending me to the ER many times for such painful C. I was still having panic attacks, or seizure-like attacks at night. This went on for a while, on and off medications, nothing helping. In 2000, after becoming a born-again believer, I was praying in desperation one night for the Lord to help me and heal me, because I was so scared, newly married etc. I was in such pain and did not want to eat a thing. That night, I remembered a book I had stumbled across on the internet called Breaking The Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. I had purchased this book a couple of years before, but as a single person, just never tried the diet, because I hated to cook at the time!

Well, that book came to my mind, and I didn't even know if I still owned the book. We had just moved from TN to MT, and in all the riff raff, would it still be there? Indeed, sitting on the shelf, there it was! I knew without a doubt, I had to try it. The next day, I began the diet. Within a few days, I felt better than I had in years!! I followed the diet through my whole pregnancy and into 5 months of nursing my child. Then I started to snitch! The diet had worked! I had and still to this day have no trouble with IBS!

But the story doesn't stop there...About 7 to 8 months after stopping the diet, not completely but snitching lots, I began to get very fatigued and washed out. My back began to kill me when I would wake in the mornings, and I began to have lots of trouble sleeping. A few months later, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a very painful illness. I took meds, anti-depressants, pain killers, etc. Was better for a while, then had to up the pills again. I continued to ask God for his healing. In the meantime, my son was developing some problems with his bowels, and his behavior. I was praying lots, and was lead to food allergies, glutens, dairy, etc. All coming full circle, was lead back to the SCD.

Now, my whole family is on SCD. My son is doing so well, just 3 weeks into the diet. His stool test had come back indicating some form of inflammatory bowel process going on, so without hesitation, we have started, and he is OH so much better!

I also want to report, I am completely healed of fibromyalgia! I don't have to take any medications to help me sleep at all! I sleep more soundly than ever in my life! I am slightly stiff when I eat too much honey or too much fruit (or when it is rainy and overcast), but for the most part, I feel wonderful. The "brain fog" associated with fibromyalgia lifted when I got off of dairy alone! It was amazing.

Yes, now we do the SCD dairy free, and I miss it some. But that may not be forever, we shall see how we do when we try to introduce the yogurt later. For now, we are on our way to complete and total healing with my son. So, I want to encourage each of you. Pray and seek the Lord for all things, and He will show you the wisdom He has for you. He is our Healer, and He led me to this diet. It is a divinely inspired concept, and I am so thankful for it.

I hope this helps each of you to know the worth of our diets in our lives. I don't plan on ever going back to sugar or starchy foods. Who knows? I may be SCD for the rest of my life. But that would be fine. Our health is worth it.

Just a note: I have been on NO medication for Crohn's since 1996 or 97, can't remember, and I just praise God for that. Just hang in there. This diet is truly a Godsend, not only for the children, but if you have any type of degenerative form of disease, IBS, or fibromyalgia, this diet I feel confident will be a great benefit to you as well. Abundant life and blessings,

Tina previous CD, IBS, Fibromyalgia
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I was given Elaine Gottschall's book, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." I stuck with the instructions and within only a few days, much to my amazement, the bleeding and diarrhea stopped! I've been on this diet for 5 months, following it faithfully and feeling wonderful. All symptoms have disappeared! I am a new person with energy as I never had before.
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